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gio 1 ago 2019
Christian Merli guest of honour at Osnabrück in Germany

After his second place at Limanowa in Poland, where his track record remains unbeaten, Christian Merli with his Osella FA 30 Zytek LRM is a guest of honour at the Int. 52nd Hill Climb Race Osnabrück west of Hannover in Germany, the 5th round of the FIA Int. Hill Climb Cup, this coming Sunday. With 211 drivers from 15 countries it is certainly a high-profile event. The programme starts already on Friday with a mini kart competition on around 100 m of the starting straight of the track to compare the relative acceleration potential of an electric kart and a combustion-engine kart. The organisers are very excited that Christian will be driving the combustion-engine kart, while the CEO of the main sponsor of the race will be at the wheel of the electric kart.

Christian, guest of honour at a big event
“The previous few times I was here were a unique, incredible experience. I was treated like a king. Definitely the best race in which I’ve participated to date. The track is short and very difficult; for the unbelievably large crowd it is certainly a particular event thanks to the perfect organisation by Bernd Stegmann and his staff. The race is projected onto a large screen, and so it’s possible to follow the race in its entirety.”

Invited to the race
“That’s really great. The organisers had kept insisting, but the first time I accepted wasn’t until 2016. Now I go back with great pleasure and we hope to do our best.”

A short track
“In the last few days we’ve been working on the setup and the electronics. For us it’s a test race in mid-season. After the start there is a straight ending in a 3rd gear left-hand bend. Immediately after there is a right-hand bend and then a series of medium-fast 3rd gear and 4th gear double bends. Halfway through the track, a large bend in 4th. A technical and narrow track, where the slightest error is punished at the finish line.”

The race
An extraordinary event with a large crowd estimated at about 25000 paying spectators. The race is projected onto a large screen which allows spectators in the stands to follow the entire track. The Uphöfener Berg track is 2.030 km long, and the schedule provides for 4 practice heats on Saturday and 4 race heats on Sunday. The times of the two best race heats are added together for the final classification. The race will also be streamed live on starting at 9 on both Saturday and Sunday.

Ruth Scheithauer

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