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gio 18 giu 2020
Test race for Christian Merli in Croatia on Sunday

Hill climb starts again this Sunday. The 14th Nagrada Grada Skradina takes place between the Croatian cities of Zara and Spalato, about 400 km from Trieste. Close to a marvellous coast and fantastic sea, the drivers have immediately started exploring the track to memorise it. It is Christian Merli’s first time on this Croatian track with his Osella FA 30.

The comments of the 2019 European champion
“We are extremely happy to be able to race for the first time this season. To do what we enjoy doing. We’ve had a very difficult ten days because of a little problem which forced us to take our Osella apart entirely. We have fixed the chassis and put everything back together. It will be a test race but when you close the visor you always aim for the top. Look, three days ago I didn’t even know whether I’d be able to be here. I won’t know whether everything works until after the first practice run. There will be three practice runs and two race runs on a 3.385 km track. At first sight the track has many medium-slow bends and some straights to be taken in 6th gear.”

Ruth Scheithauer

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Merli in gara domenica alla Subida al Fito in Spagna, 2° roud CEM

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