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Christian Merli racing at Pedavena

New 2021 European champion Christian Merli will be racing his Osella FA 30 Zytek LRM on Avon tyres at the 38th edition of the Pedavena – Croce d’Aune hill climb in Belluno province on Sunday. The two race heats on the 7.785 km track in the Veneto region make up the 10th round of the Italian hill climb championship CIVM.

Christian’s comments
“A pleasant event, close to home, and we clearly hope for good weather. The track is very enjoyable. With tyres cold at the start, you get to a right-hand/left-hand double bend, then there are a few straight stretches with pretty fast corners. Eight narrow hairpins with straight sections in between, and some more fast, sloping bends. The gradient is also quite high.”

The goal
“The Italian championship is mathematically over for us, but this is an excellent opportunity to test a few things, particularly in the tight hairpins, which are the hardest for us.”

Ruth Scheithauer

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