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Christian Merli on the Wolf Aurobay at Pikes Peak

Multiple champion Christian Merli from Trentino will be racing in the 102nd edition of the legendary Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in Colorado/USA on 23 June, as a factory driver on the Wolf Aurobay Gb08 2.0 Hp. An official mission for the Italian team led by Giovanni Bellarosa and backed by none other than Aurobay. The specially-built Wolf prototype will be fitted with a two-litre supercharged Volvo-derived engine and will see five-times European champion Merli at the wheel. All this to face an incredible 19.900 km track, which starts at an altitude of 2862 metres and finishes at 4300 metres. It takes 156 corners and hairpins to cover the altitude difference of 1439 metres. This is the “Race to the Clouds” where the weather can change from one moment to the next, with fog, ice and snow always looming.

A dream come true
“I’m very excited and I’m delighted that Wolf Racing Cars and Aurobay have come to me for this extraordinary race. All hill climb drivers dream of taking part in the legendary Pikes Peak. It won’t be easy. It’s a very complex race, but we’ll be giving our all. I have a team of excellent professionals at my side.”

The tests before the race
“Since the track is so long, the tests before the race are divided into two parts. The first one with the Wolf Aurobay Gb08 2.0 Hp is scheduled for 1 and 2 June, the second for 7, 8 and 9 June. The race is taking place on 23 June. I’ll count as a Rookie, it’s my first time on the US track, and so I have to take part in all training sessions. During the week there will be the opportunity to recce the hill in a road-legal car, being careful to stay within the speed limit. They are very strict in the US.”

The track
“It’s completely new for me. The start is at an altitude of 2862 metres, the finish is at 4300 metres. With such a big difference in altitude, the environmental conditions like pressure, temperature, weather all change, so much so that it’s not at all uncommon to take the start in the sun only to find an icy surface or snowfall at the top. The altitude also affects the performance of the engine, because oxygen concentration and atmospheric pressure decrease as you go up, which considerably impacts the aerodynamics. Our car has a two-litre turbocharged engine which produces 380 hp.”

The 2024 season
“I’ll be doing a few rounds of the European championship, but I’ll need to skip a few because I’ll have to be in Colorado. So the title is going to be difficult. As an alternative, I could participate in the Swiss championship, as I’ve been asked by a local sponsor. In Switzerland we could race again without a rev limiter and a weight of 560 kg, the way it was before 2023. I might also do a few rallyes to enjoy myself.”

Translation by Ruth Scheithauer

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