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Christian Merli: Crash in Spain

Christian’s comment
“I’m fine, but it was a spectacular accident, and I don’t quite understand the dynamics of it. We had made some changes to the setup, and my Osella reacted in an unexpected way. During practice, after about two kilometres, I went into a double bend at high speed, and the front started skidding. By the time it regained grip I was already too close to the mountain on the right. The back wheel touched the dirt, and then I left the road on the opposite side. If I’d been going more slowly I’m sure this wouldn’t have happened, but I was trying out these new solutions, and up to that point the grip had been perfect. I’m sorry to have disappointed the crowd and the organisers. I’d like to thank the many friends and fans who have contacted me in the last few hours to ask how I was doing. But we haven’t lost heart, and we’re already on our way home.”

The invitation
A fantastic welcome for reigning European champion Christian Merli. Before the race he presented his Osella FA 30 Judd LRM in a big parade through the town of Ubrique. He had been invited to race at the 28th Subida Ubrique – Benaocaz in the south of the Iberian peninsula near Gibraltar, which counts for the Andalusian hill climb championship.

Merli adds, “José Francisco Galán Camargo is the clerk of the course both here and at the Subida al Fito, which is part of the European championship. He had been asking me for a couple of years to come here. A very welcome invitation; the organisers supported our long trip and our stay. It was an opportunity for a test race on a 4.450 km long track which was not to be missed.”

Translation by Ruth Scheithauer

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