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Christian Merli 2nd in the downpour at the Trento – Bondone

Second overall. The 70th Trento – Bondone on Sunday was the 5th round of the Italian hill climb championship CIVM and also counted for the northern Italy hill climb trophy and the FIA Historic Hill Climb Championship. It was organised by the Scuderia Trentina in collaboration with Automobile Club Trento. Christian Merli tackled his local hill with his Osella FA30 Zytek LRM in torrential rain. Due to the Covid-19 restrictions the event was closed to the public.

From Montevideo to Vason
Along the 17.300 km track, which has an altitude difference of 1350 m, there are 42 hairpins and more than 180 bends. The race is unique in Europe, and it is a tough test both for the cars and for the drivers’ physical stamina. A hill climb race where managing the tyres, the engine and the brakes demands the utmost attention. Ten minutes of maximum concentration.

Christian’s comments in the Parc Fermé
“It was a struggle for me, while Simone turned out an incredible time. I didn’t have any grip on the new tarmac, and when you don’t trust the front of your car on a wet surface, you lift your foot. I focused on taking the car to the top without causing any damage. We won Group E2-SS, and congratulations to Faggioli for his race.”

The calendar of the Italian hill climb championship CIVM
23 May: Trofeo Scarfiotti, Sarnano – Sassotetto (Marche), 30 May: Verzegnis – Sella Chianzutan (Friuli Venezia Giulia), 13 June: Trofeo Vallecamonica (Lombardy), 27 June: Coppa Paolino Teodori, Ascoli Piceno (Marche), 4 July: Trento – Bondone (Trentino), 18 July: Alghero – Scala Piccada (Sardinia), 1 August: Trofeo Luigi Fagioli, Gubbio (Umbria), 8 August: Morano – Campotenese (Calabria), 22 August: Trofeo Silvio Molinaro, Luzzi – Sambucina (Calabria), 5 September: Pedavena – Croce d’Aune (Veneto), 19 September: Monte Erice (Sicily), 26 September: Coppa Nissena, Caltanissetta (Sicily).

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